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1. Theories of hypnosis

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2. The Sociocognitive and Dissociation Theories of Hypnosis: Toward

Abstract: In this introductory article to a special issue on the sociocognitive perspective of hypnosis, the authors contrast two influential hypnosis theories—the sociocognitive and dissociation perspectives—and argue that recent developments in s

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3. The sociocognitive and conditioning and inhibition theories of

theory of hypnosis based on principles of conditioning and inhibition. All too
rarely do theorists provide an analysis of their approach vis-?vis competing
accounts, so we applaud Barrios's efforts in this regard. Our co

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4. Theories of hypnosis

Hilgard's Neodissociation theory proposes that hypnotic phenomenon are produced through a dissociation within a high level control systems (note that this is unlike the dissociation between high and low level control systems in dissociated cont

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5. Current Theories of Hypnosis

This chapter reviews the neodissociation theory of hypnosis because it is the
most widely accepted theory of hypnosis in the clinical domain. However, this
focus on the neodissociation theory does not undermine

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6. Dissociations and Dissociation Theory in Hypnosis - Semantic Scholar

Dissociations and Dissociation Theory in Hypnosis: Comment on Kirsch and
Lynn (1998). John E Kihlstrom. University of California, Berkeley. I. Kirsch and
S. J. Lynn's (1998) critique of the neodissociation theory of divi

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Contemporary Hypnosis (2000). Vol. 17, No. 2, pp. 51–70. REDEFINING
Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and Behaviour, Imperial College. Medical
School. Ab

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8. Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Sociocognitive - CiteSeerX

Grant MacEwan College. In a recent article in this journal, D. H. Cleaves (1996)
criticized the Sociocognitive model (SCM; N. P. ... the fields of hypnosis and
dissociative identity disorder in particular. In addition, we thank Eri

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9. Dissociations and Dissociation Theory in Hypnosis - American

I. Kirsch and S. J. Lynn's (1998) critique of the neodissociation theory of divided
consciousness fails to consider evidence of dissociations between explicit and
implicit memory and perception in hypnosis. Contrary to their co

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10. Social-Cognitive Alternatives to Dissociation Theories of Hypnotic

Three social-cognitive models are presented as alternatives to dissociation
theories of hypnotic involuntariness. In Model I, people are seen as intentionally
enacting re- sponses without being aware of the volitional qualit

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11. Hypnosis and Children: Analysis of Theory and -

split of consciousness, and sociocognitive theorists who believe hypnosis is the
result of ordinary social influences (e.g., motivation and expectancy). The
following analysis of these theoretical perspectives examines implications

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